DB Connector doesnt work with an id

Hi all! I'm trying to use the Database Connector to import data from an external database. It's works for the most part. However, i ran into a problem. In the database i'm connecting too i want to retreive the id's as well. Mendix can't handle attributes named id so i tried storing them in an attribute called _id and in my query im using the AS command to change the name (SELECT id AS _id). I'm still getting an error :The entity type 'DBC.Cruise' does not contain the primitive 'id' as specified in the query. It seems to me that Mx is still looking for an id attribute, even though i renamed it in my query. Anybody knows a fix for this? Thanks in advance! 
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Probably Mendix will recognize the _id and map it automatically. Try SELECT id as CruiseId.


What if you are more explicit?

Sorry if I have this completely wrong, but thought I would chip in.

	T1.ID as CruiseID,
from MyTable as T1