Database Connector - How to map a database column containing a space to a Mendix attribute?

Hello,   I use the DatabaseConnector module from Mendix to execute a SELECT query to an external database (SQL Server).   The Query is as followed: SELECT [Field1],[Field2],[Other Field] FROM [Table] In my domain model, I have an Entity with the attributes Field1, Field2, OtherField And I got stuck because the Database Connector cannot map the column “Other Field” (with a space) to the attribute “OtherField” (without space).   The error sent by Mendix is the following: The entity type 'MyModule.MyEntity' does not contain the primitive 'Other Field' as specified in the query.   Any suggestion on how to solve it?
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Found the solution.

I just need to use an alias for the column in my SQL query, to match the name of the attribute in Mendix.

My query is now:

SELECT [Field1],[Field2],[Other Field] AS OtherField
FROM [Table]