Having issue creating enumerations using mendixmodelsdk

Hi, I am using ‘mendixmodelsdk’ of type script to generate mendix project with some entities and enumerations. I am able to add enumerations using the sdk but for generated enum caption field is set to empty. My sample code is as following :   const enumsFolder= projects.Folder.createIn(domainModel.containerAsFolderBase); const enumeration: enumerations.Enumeration = enumerations.Enumeration.createIn(enumsFolder); enumeration.name = 'SortDirection'; const enumerationValue: enumerations.EnumerationValue = enumerations.EnumerationValue.createIn(enumeration); enumerationValue.name = 'Ascending'; const text: texts.Text = texts.Text.createInEnumerationValueUnderCaption(enumerationValue); const translation: texts.Translation = texts.Translation.createIn(text); translation.text = enumValue; It should generate the enum with Caption as ‘Ascending’. But, it generates the enum without caption.  
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