How to dynamically populate dropdown lists using Excel file?

I tried using connectors for enumerations via the Reference Selector, however I would like to test this using simple Excel data like shown. What I want to accomplish is on the first dropdown box, a user is asked to select a location (to be populated by the list under OfficeLocation header in Excel. Then, based on their selection, the next dropdown list would be populated with a list of departments that the database has. Lastly, the names that share the same location » department ‘attributes’ would be listed in the last dropdown box.
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If I understand correctly, you probably want to setup your domain model like this:


the FORM object is the object that is displayed on the page in which the users are selecting the office location and people. On that page your two drop downs will be reference selectors. The OfficeLocation selector is just a normal selector, The people selector should have an data constraint of: Module.Form_OfficeLocation/Module.OfficeLocation/Module.OfficeLocation_People/Module.People