Data View/Data Grid based on varying passed objects.

Hello everyone,  I’m sure this question got asked before, but I couldn’t find anything. I would be happy to get forwarded to the correct thread.  My Challenge is the following:  I have a “Detail Page”, where I show details about a customer in my system. This pages contains several Data Views and Grids.  I’m calling this page via 2 buttons:  From the overview page of opportunities (Entity “Opportunity” is in a many to one relation to entity “Customer”) From the overview page of customers (see above)  So the challenge is to show the details of the corresponding customer (connected via the opportunity or selected directly). Is there a possibility to build a microflow that passes the respective, fitting object based on which of the two buttons have been clicked?    Thank you!   Jan 
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Hello Jan,

I’m not sure if I’m missing anything here, but you can just create a sub-microflow that takes Customer as a parameter and call it from two different microflows triggered by buttons in the two overview pages; however, if there is nothing specific that you’d want to do before you show the Customer details page, then you can just create two microflows triggered by buttons on the two overview pages and in the case of the microflow triggered from the opportunities overview page you first retrieve the customer and then your show the page.

Hope that is clear.