Get Asset data from Mindsphere

Dear Beloved Mendix Team, Currently i was trying to develop a mindsphere dashboard app to display the get the assset data from mindsphere and display to my dashboard instead of graph. I’m trying to use the Mindsphere smart Pump app to do the modification. May i know how to get the asset data instead of *create the random data by time series? since my mindsphere asset was onboarded and it having data every sec.   I have succesful modify the project which point to my asset data. But using this sample, this is generate the random number to my asset.  can you assist me how to modify this block into get data instead of create *object. Thank you.  
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you have to read out the timeseries data from your asset by your own. Therefore you have to make a REST call to  “/api/iottimeseries/v3/timeseries/{entityId}/{propertySetName}”

with entityId = your AssetId, propertySetName = Your aspect.

You find such requests also in the app you are using. Once the random timeseries data are create the app is reading them via the iottimeseries API.

See “DS_GetTimeSeriesDataFromMindSphere”. Check there the also the URL which is used – and adopte it if needed to your aspect name.