Custom Domain setup on SAP Cloud with XSUAA

We have a setup where we configured a custom domain on our SAP Cloud Platform and use the XSUAA connector in combination with our external IDP (SAML).  What we now experience is that the logon page of the mendix app can be accessed by <> but once I login via XSUAA I get redirected back to <appname> In the local project folder I've found <appname>\javasource\sapauthentication\xsuaa\ on line 40 the following code: redirectUri = "https://" + hostname + "/" + AUTHENTICATION_CALLBACK_PATH;   In the Environment variables the correct hostname is listed "application_name": "<appname>", "application_uris": [ "<appname>", "<appname.subdomain.domain>.com" ], Does anyone have tried a similar setup and actually got it working? 
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Hi Thomas

What we did, is the following:

We have our application running on SCP CF (https://www.*appname*-*environmentname* is the url)

Yet, the end-users/business wanted a different, more user-friendly url. The easiest way was to use one of the available subdomains of the company’s domain and map it to that URL. After logging in through our custom IdP, the callback on AD-level is set to that new URL.

Didn’t took a lot of effort for infrastructure (of our customer) and didn’t took a lot of effort for the developers (none :) ).

Kind regards,