Change Object action from Import Mapping

Hi guys, good morning.  I am working with some REST services, I used an import mapping to consume, the schema is the one below. I need to store the imported data inside my object ChangeRequest. I was supposed to do it by using a Change Object action but I can’t reach by association the data imported by the mapping. As you can see in the last screenshot I can’t access the child of the TaskToShow Object.    Any help?                   
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Hi Gianmarco,

in order to obtain data from an associated object you will need to retrieve it first. You can only access objects that are retrieved as part of your microflow (or alternatively passed as input parameter, or objects that are returned by a submicroflow).

In other words, you should add a retrieve object action (by association). Based on your domain model, the output will be a list of tasks as there can be multiple childs.

Depending on your usecase, you can either:

add a loop activity iterating over the list in order to obtain data from individual Tasks objects
2) If you are sure that there is only 1 “Tasks” object returned by the REST call, you could also add a "list operation (Head)" microflow activity in order to retrieve the first object in the list and access the data from there

Hope this helps!