Stored Proc

Hi everyone  I need to run a stored proc I want to call pass parameters and create an account and is supposed to return a number of attributes, here is how it is called from sql server declare @NewAccountNum varchar(9), @ActivationCode varchar(8), exec usp_INSERT_Account @Id = 'w4543553' ,@Address1 = 'Address line 1' ,@Code = 2000 ,@Region = 'USA' ,@Name = 'Some Entity Name' ,@Number = '' ,@Rep = 'Martin Gleeson' ,@ContactName ='Primary Contact' ,@CellNumber = '0860000000' ,@NewAccountNum = @NewAccountNum out ,@ActivationCode = @ActivationCode out select @NewAccountNum as NewAccountNum , @ActivationCode as ActivationCode, How would I go about calling this stored Proc
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Download the Database Connector module from the app store.

I am not sure if this comes with functionality to call a stored procedure (which is what we actually call these things). If it does, use that, if it doesn't, add your own Java action which does. The latter should be simple based on the examples in the module that perform an SQL query.