please help me! errors when i run app local in my studio pro env

HI exports: the app run in the studio env is ok, but when i down it to my studio pro env the is errors. this is my first app in the studio pro env, so the advise is very important for me. the error printscreen is following(my windows version is Windows server 2016 the mendix studio pro version is 8.4 )  
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Each project generated in Studio has a SSO active for logging in via you Mendix Userid. Works like a charm in the sandbox, but when run locally like you are doing now, you indeed get this error because your app directly routes you to localhost:8080/openid/login.html.

If you change the url to localhost:8080/login.html then you will see the login screen.

To stop your app going to /openid/login.html:

  • Make sure @MendixSSO.SSOEnabled is set to false
  • Remove microflow ‘MendixSSO.MendixSSO_AfterStartup’ from your Project → Settings → Runtime → After Startup. But then your app is no longer using MendixSSO anymore.

Thank you for your answer.

another quertions is :

how to “Make sure @MendixSSO.SSOEnabled is set to false”.