Using non-persistent entities in pages/widgets

Hi there, In my entire Mendix application I want to read and write to an external database. I'm connecting with the external database and successfully retrieve data for my very first page: Location_Overview, which fetches the data using the Database Connector. I've mapped the SQL ResultSet to a non-persistant entity called "Location”, which has name, latitude and longitude attributes. My retrieved LocationsList can be quite a long list (~2000 entries). In a List View I want to see each location from this query and add a search textbox above the list to make searching a lot easier, also in a separate tab I want to show the map with all these locations. Unfortunately, for both my seach textbox and map I run into “The entity MyFirstModule.Location cannot be used here, because it is not persistable”.  How can I use these widgets with non-persistent entities? Or what could be a better approach to model my use-case?
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Since its a list of 2000 records I would opt to store them in the database and thus solving your issue.

Another option to wrap it inside a dataview with a “Search” object