Odataconnector- SCP -Sap cloud connector -on premis non sap system( call web service ending in error )

My mendix app is deployed on sap cloud platform which is connected to sap cloud connector to access backend on premis non sap systems. There is the destination created on sap cloud platform and the connectivity is green to the backend. Now I am calling  the ‘Call web service’  activity with the  ‘cloud connector info activity’ within the microflow to get the soap. But the web service is not yet accessible?   i Doubts about the HTTP headers: Should there be the http authentication?----same as the backend SOAP basic authentication which is out case or should it be left black as shown. In the custom http hears ‘Bearer’----should it not be replaced with the username which will be configured to access the mendix app. In our case we have SAML auth , so the users that are authenticated?   Thanks a lot for your help, it will be really helpfull.
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Seems like outdated, but after Bearer we noticed in the documentation there is a white space. We are working on a similar service, and maybe this comment can be useful for future readers, since I am struggling with it as well.