Download Extra Large Object from AWS S3

I need to download a relatively large object from AWS S3 (gigabytes). There is an AWS S3 connector on the app store. This module assumes that the file makes a pit stop inside my Mendix application, which is an activity of questionable value. Does anybody have experience reading extra large AWS S3 objects bypassing Mendix database? Maybe via a custom servlet?
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What you are looking for are signed URLs. The way they work in a nutshell is, when a customer requests a download, you generate a signed URL on the server/java action (using a secret API key for AWS). The user can use this URL to download the file directly from AWS without interacting with your Mendix app and without knowing the secret key.


Hi Miroslav

As Andrej suggest a signed URL is possible.

When you have a lot of content, and you do not want to sign every URL you can have a look at signed session cookies