Push Notifications Connector module issue

Hi, I’d like to implement a push notification functionality for Android devices only. I downloaded the module and followed the tutorial here: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/mobile/push-notifications Though sometimes it seems outdated, I got to the point where I can install the .apk and register the tablet I use for testing. After this I try to send the message but when I switch to the messages tab and check the last one in Pending, it shows this Failure reason: 400: Bad Request             at PushNotifications.SendFCMMessage (CallRest : 'Call REST (POST)')             at PushNotifications.SendFCMMessages.nested.df1099bd-6ec6-4ea7-949e-02c5e9c37638 [2 of 3] (SubMicroflow : 'SendFCMMessage')             at PushNotifications.SendFCMMessages (NestedLoopedMicroflow : '')             at PushNotifications.SendMessages (SubMicroflow : 'SendFCMMessages')         Advanced stacktrace: I’m sure that I missed something but the how-to doesn’t help here too much. Could anyone configure this module recently? Thanks
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