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Retrieve a distinct list


It will be fantastic, for performance purposes to add a way to retrieve distinct data with a retrieve action.

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for example, If I retrieve a list of actions, as shown bellow

modelshare example

I will get a single list of actions that  is an or  between Action objects of _Type add and edit  , sorted by created date , desc.

I would like to be able to specify a distinct column attribute,in the retrieve (for example Action._Type) so that this retrieve, will perform a distinct operation on the two subset based on Action._Type (add and edit) and the sorting,and then perform the or operation, which will return a distinct list of object based on chosen column.



Can you clarify what you mean with a distinct list?  If you do a retrieve the platform already only retrieves unique Mendix objects? A db or association retrieve won't give you the same object twice.