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Retrieve by XPath using String variable


Allow using [SomeStringXpath] as XPath query in the retrieve from database microflow action.

There are situations where it is not known before which search criteria to use:


In such case, putting the Xpath together is a pain. It is possible to check whether the variable is set in the XPath itself but that degrades performance of the final SQL statement. It would be best to only include the search criteria that are relevant. That is easy to do with basic string functions in the microflow.

Now I often use a small Java action to do the retrieve.

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If anyone needs a Java action, we have made one here:

… or get it from the Marketplace:



Has this feature been implemented yet? Thanks


is there a release date know for this feature?


Having this as a native Mendix functionality would be indeed very positive.

Good news to see that it is a planned feature. In the mean time, for those interested, I recommend the solution by Andrej Koelewijn on