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Object Activities - Check Exists


In Microflows or Nanoflows sometimes you only need to check if a Row exists in a Database table, without the need of reading the object from the database.

Can you add an Object Activity: Exists Object

Behaviour can be similar to the Retrieve Object, except that it does not need to read and return an object only just True for exists or False for n/a


Performance will benefit from avoiding unneeded object reads/retrieves

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Thanks for your tip Rene, with the $count aggregate as you describe it I see to objective to not read data in memory is accomplished.

With that in mind it is indeed not a must have. Thanks!


This can also be achieved by

  1. Retrieve activity: Set range to all => list
  2. Add a aggregate activity → Count
  1. $Count >= 1 then exist

This won’t retrieve the object as well.

Understand your request, but doesn’t see this as a must have. Since in many case you need the contents of the existing object as well.