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Integrate vector database capabilities in Mendix


I am currently integrating Pinecone in my app and that works like a charm, but of course you have to call their REST API which makes it slower than when it would be directly integrated in Mendix.


I see Postgres has pgVector, so maybe this could be enabled so that we can build similarity searches directly from Studio Pro. How awesome would that be.

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Great stuff. Thanks Tina!


Hi Bart,

we have released a PgVector Knowledge Base Connector that allows you to easily store vectors in a PostgreSQL database and perform cosine similarity calculations directly from your Mendix app. Metadata filtering based on labels is also supported:


An example implementation of the module can be found in the OpenAI showcase app:


Meta data filtering for instance:


That would be really cool!


Only bump on the road that I can see is access rights. How would you propose this would work?