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Non-persistant filedocuments


In some cases, files are stored on external storage like box, dropbox, azure. To read/download the files it has to be created in Mendix. But this is only temporary. 

One can make a scheduled event which cleans these 'temporary' files but it would be better if there files where non-persistent as part of the Mendix framework. This saves the cleaning functionality but also communication between client and server.


Therefore the idea: allow non-persistant filedocuments.

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I second this. I have a use case in which I want to show images and JT visualisations from Teamcenter, which is tightly access controlled. In order to do so, I have to first download them into the Mendix app DB, which may pose a security risk. I’d be interested to hear if you found any workarounds!


Great idea. Of course it has some drawbacks, like it is only feasible for documents that are acceptable in size. But the non-persistant approach will often be very nice and limit itself to only do what you want it to do. Not less, but certainly not more like persist the document.