calculation of value - general question about storage of data - misunderstanding?

I already tried some Microflow approaches to execute the calculation below. However, I wasn’t able to get the needed result. I don’t show the Microflow approaches because I think that I the problem is more with how I storage the values. Maybe I am ignoring with my approach a concept which I don’t know yet?  The root of the problem seems to be similar to my related problem described here: Thanks for your support! Best regards, Robert  
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If you need to calculate the values and store them, then creating an attribute in the entity that you populate with a Before Commit event microflow is usually a good approach.

So in your example, if you need to calculate Z based on the W attribute, just place your calculation in the Before Commit microflow for the entity and Change the entity to set Z, but don’t commit again else you’ll be stuck in an infinite loop.

Hope this helps.