Building reports

I have been trying to build reports that will pull information from the Mendix database based on parameters selected on the page. What is the best way to build this? Are there any widgets in the app store that you have found useful to build reports?
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Depends on the kind of report you need to create.

Mendix has built in Report Widgets.

In the appstore, I’ve use the Chart Widgets, Google Charts, JFree Charts and others.  

If you provide a bit more information about the kinds of reports you are trying to create, you may get more specific answers.

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So essentially, I want the first part of the report to look like the first image. I want to be able to select fields that I can display, select a few parameters, and then create the report. Once the report is created, I want to have a report such as the second image to be built where the fields are the column headers and there are options to save, export and clear the report. How could I replicate this in Mendix? Is there a better tool or widget for this?