Various data entities on one page

I’m currently in the process of creating a profile page for the user. Now, there are two data sources and I’m looking to add more. Two data sources are: text input which goes into different attributes under UserInfo Entity, and image files which go into UserPictures Entity. No attributes were listed as an option for the UserPictures entity, instead a Boolean variable of DeleteAfterDownload and HasContent showed up. I chose HasContent to display user images on profile. When I click on Preview, I encounter an error CE0558 ‘All data views receiving object from the page parameter must have the same entity.’ At first, I had image uploaders directly on the page. In the version you see below, I switched to buttons. The user will click a button and be directed to a pop up image upload page. There is a different image upload page for every button. I thought this would fix the issue by placing image attributes on separate pages and it did not.  The goal of the profile page is to allow the user to input graphic, text, and payment information right there on one page and have it display upon save. What can I do to make this happen?
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Create two associations:

  • a 1-* User-UserInfo
  • a 1-* User-UserPicture

Then add to the page a dataview with as datasource a microflow that returns a System.User.

Then on the page inside the User-dataview add two seperate listviews which retrieve their data over association from System.User