Best practice for searching products with a similar identity

Hi, I'm currently trying to develop a system where salesmen can search for a replaceable/similar product if one product runs out of stock. Currently every product has a '’Code for replaceability'’, this is a code that similar products also have. In this way you could search for the same '’Code for replaceability'’ and get similar products if one runs out of stock. For example: a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a Samsung Galaxy S10. However, I'm stuck trying to fit the logic in my domain model and correlate it with a microflow. I was thinking about making new entity that associates with itself (containing a '’code for replaceability) and making a microflow based on that but I got stuck with that idea. I already make a button that appears if you open the details of a product page that says: Search for similar product. This button is supposed to redirect you to a another page that has a overview of all the products that have the same '’Code for replaceability'’. If you have questions, please ask them, all help or ideas are appreciated. Thank you.
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Hello Wartkes,

There could be multiple ways to do this. But it purely depends on the business requirements and user intuitiveness that has to be accommodated.

One simple option I could think of: (disclaimer not sure if it fits with your business requirement)

  1. Datagrid show products, users searches and filters product
  2. When the product is out of stock, he selects the product from datagrid and pushes the button find other relevant products
    1. then the selected product is already sent to the MF with which we can know the code 
    2. user database calls to show the alternate products in the popup
  3. But, if you ask me, this is not very intuitive. 


Designing Domain model is purely based on business needs and UX design. It might be better, if you can explain little bit more about your requirement. And post screens shots of your domain model to get appropriate answers.

- Nirmal