Retrieve slots based on equipment selection

hi all,  ive got a situation where the user when selects an equipment for booking, he needs to get the list of slots available(associated) for that particular equipment.  When i click on an equipment, i call a microflow which has that equipment parameter, and i retrieve the associated SLOTS list and passed that list to the end event, and used this microflow as the datasource for the page which should list out the available SLOTS for that Equipment, but the modeler throws an error that the “ PARAMETER  EQUIPMENT OF THE SELECETD MICROFLOW DOES NOT MATCH THE AVAILABLE ARGUMENT, ARGUMENT AVAILABLE TO LIST VIEW IS SLOTS” and also what object should i pass to the show page activity? The association is [ 1 – * ]  one EQUIPMENT object is associated with multiple SLOT objects.   thanks, Rahul
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On your slots-showing page, wrap the Slots-datagrid, with the by you mentioned datasource-microflow, in an Equipment-DataView. The datasource microflow now has the equipment of the dataview available.

The equipment-Dataview, give it Context as datasource, making equipment your page-parameter.

When you click on the equipment, call a microflow that opens that page.