While saving object creates two.

We are trying to save two entities at the same time. One is something like forum post that has one to many association to other entity that is comment that has two attributes – value and author. When creating new post we have form that has all the necessary input fields and data source is post that is page parameter. And one field that has data source a microflow that creates new comment with an association with post and and author’s name. Problem is that when using default save button action then instead of one comment two are saved. One with normal comment with value and author and another comment without value, just with author’s name. Maybe someone has an idea what could be wrong?
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You should find out when the empty-comment object gets created. Maybe during the creation of the forum post. Is there an Event-microflow added to the forum post? For instance, an After-create flow that also creates a related comment. 

Can you share the two microflows that create the forum post and the comment for us to have something more to analyse.