Item Management For Orders

Hello,  I am currently developing a system to assist with orders, we sell a variety of products and ever order varies, items are sold by the pallet and depending on the product the quantity per pallet varies. Now, when entering a new order, what would be the best way to enter the products to be shipped, and then stored in the the DB? Also note that each pallet will have unique information that will need to be attached to it once it hits our shipping department. i currently have a separate entity that manages parts, but was not sure how to appropriately share information with the order entry process and allow it to be stored. The biggest component is that when searching for an order in the system, it pull all the pallet information along with it as well, while also being adaptable to the varying pallet quantities per truck/order. Any guidance on this issue is greatly appreciated
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So if I understand correctly an order can consists of multiple pallets. And each pallet can hold mutliple items? Then I would model it likewise. You can then also model out the logic on how much items go onto one pallet and if combinations of items do fit the pallet.

This way you can trace each order and see on how many pallets the order consists and retrieve the details of that pallet.