Drop-Downs from Entity Column Entries

Hello,  I was wondering if there is a means to make a drop-down to be derived from the the column entries in a particular entity, as opposed to enumeration? Or to make an enumeration list be updated consistently when a certain entity is updated, I am trying to make orders be completed faster by having drop-downs for part numbers as opposed to manual entry.  Additionally, what is the best way to configure the “orders” entity, because there are times when a order has 5 items, and sometimes 10 line items, what is the best way to store or manage this?  Thank you in advance.
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Hi please take a look at the Mendix academy learning paths.

Seems you haven’t done anything, so a good start would be: https://academy.mendix.com/link/path/31/Become-a-Rapid-Developer-(Analyst)

The answer for your question will be found in this particulair lecture, jsut replace TrainingEvent with Order, Registration with OrderLine and Trainee with Product ;-) : https://academy.mendix.com/link/module/93/lecture/2799/6.7-Information-Entity