Retrieve All the modules in a Project and commit them in a entity

Hi all Any idea on how I can retrieve all exisiting modules from a project and commit them into a selfmade entity “Module”? I would trigger the commiting in a ASU microflow controling each time if the module already existed in the entity “Module”.   It’s really the xpath I need and the location of the existing modules in the project :)   Thanks!
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this is one part of what the mx model reflection is doing – within a java action, using the meta model. If you already use the reflection module in your project, you could synchronize and retrieve from the Module entity which is already maintained. However, I would not like to use the whole relfection synchronisation in an after startup as it might take TOO long and kill your app before it finishes.

Edit: maybe you can reuse the java code which does the trick just for the modules. a slim version of the sync, so to say.