Why is it not possible to retrieve reference sets from native?

Hello there, I have the same problem as the one mentioned below: https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/99081 In that post a very experient user says he is used to create an intermediate entity in order to transform a many-to-many (*-*) association into two 1-* and *-1 associations. Does anyone know the technical limitations behind this? Why is it not possible? I wonder why, and it makes me worry because I know behind the scenes that solution is creating 3 tables and 4 relationships.   Studio 8.12.1
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I cannot address the why behind not being able to query a *-* in a native profile.

Though your worry regarding performance and having multiple tables I can confirm that in most cases a *-* has less performance than a joining entity.

Take a look at this lecture, up to 4.5.1 https://learn.mendix.com/link/module/371/lecture/3010/4.1-Impact-of-Ownership-