Accessing PostgreSQL database in free cloud from my local pc

Hi, We are hosting a Mendix app in Mendix free cloud. This app uses PostgresSQL db. In order to clean data & conduct routine maintenance activities we want to access the db using pgAdmin, which is a tool from PostgresSQL’s toolkit. How can we do it? TIA :)
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Hi Aanand,

This would only be possible with a backup, which you would have to retore locally and then after maintenance upload again. Unfortunately backups are not supported by default for a Mendix Free apps.


What Sjors says.

Although you mention “ In order to clean data & conduct routine maintenance activities” 

My advise would be; only go directly to the database if you ran out all other options. Because you could corrupt your data easily. Since Mendix is in control of ID’s, references, autonumbers etc.

Clean data: what defines the clean up? model this using a microflow and allow a appa dmin role to execute.

Routine maintenance activities: leave that to mx or organize it using microflows triggered by an app admin role or scheduled event.