Change database of free app

Hi, We have created a free app & hosted it in free Mendix cloud. Earlier we were using a PostgreSQL db, let us say A. Now we want to use another PostGreSQL db, let us say B instead of A. Accordingly we changed settings in app to point to db B & deployed application in cloud. When we ran the application, we found that application was still displaying data from db A. On local computers, it works correctly by pointing to db B. We would like to understand why in cloud it is showing data from db A even though we have pointed it to B TIA :)    
3 answers
  1. If you are using Mendix free cloud option, you will NOT be able change the database
  2. However, you might choose to unlink the app which will clean your database in sandbox, then later you could reset the environment with new data
  3. As per my knowledge, changing of database is not even an option in paid cloud.


changing your locally used database will have no effect on the Mendix Cloud. You cannot change the database in use on the cloud on your own. In Addition the Mendix Sandbox/Free App has other restrictions (eg. cannot run scheduled activities) see:


You have done this through Project > Settings > Configurations > Runtime, correct?

These custom Runtime settings are not supported in the free environment.