Excel to App

Im using a lot of excel workbooks and sheets. Some sheets contain e.g. all the data from the other sheets in the same workbook. I have aslo generated a sheet that I can copy everytime when i have a new players that needs to be entered, these sheets are named ofter the person (unique). I would like to make this into an app. where my coleagues can use the app to enter details of players (so a drop down list of exisiting names or new name to be created) and then once when the right name has been selected the input of data. I do like all the date to be saved into that one spreadsheet. Any one can help me on my way. Im proficient in MS Office and some coding as well.
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Did you check out the learning paths? This is a very efficient way to get up to speed with Mendix development.

For example https://gettingstarted.mendixcloud.com/link/path/82/Crash-Course