Cannot Connect to Oracle using the Database Connector

When trying to connect to an Oracle database using the Database Connector from the App Store, I’m getting the following 2 errors. These errors aren’t helping me track down the issue.  I’m looking for some clarification on this issue.  Please help.   An error has occurred while handling the request. [User 'MxAdmin' with session id 'fbbc69f4-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX4d92' and roles 'Administrator'] An error occurred while executing an action of MILD.Home.dbQueryTest:  Error: An error occurred while executing an action of MILD.Home.dbQueryTest: 
1 answers

It appears to be a nullpointer exception, which is not a very specific exception, unfortunately.

It tells you somethings is expected to be filled, but is empty. Did you provide all necessary parameters? (input objects not empty, constants filled, configuration not empty)

I suggest doing some debugging to check your variables.