How to fill drop down selector based on a previous choice

Hello, I am trying to create a page showing information based on some attributes selected by the dropdown selectors. I want the list of available attributes of a dropdown selector to depend on the choice in the previous selector ... example: I want to display the different options of a car from a manufacturer So I will have 2 dropdown selectors: the first will be the manufacturer: Renault, BMW, Mercedes, Ford… the second dropdown selector must be empty when the user selects a manufacturer (renault for example), the second dropdown selector will display the list of models of the selected manufacturer: Clio, Megane ... And when the user selects a model, the page will display the information of that model I tried to do it but I couldn't… Do you have any idea how to do it? thank you in advance Vincent
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Like this?


Thanks for the answer.

Indeed this solution could work but I will have to create association between all the object I want to use in my drop down selectors and the Object I want to display.

Actually it is not the case in my Data model.

wirh my previous example: I have an association between Manufactuer and Model and an association between Model and Options… So It cannot work without creating an association between Options and Manufacturer and I would like to avoid creating these associations;

My real datamodel is much more complicated the my example


You are looking for the constrained by function. See the documentation here:




See this part