Datetime with fractional seconds support

Dear All, Is it possible to store Datetime with nanoseconds in Mendix. The target database is postgres, I am trying to set datetime attribute via javaaction and mendix uses legacy datatype to represent the datetime information. I doubt we dont have an option to capture datetime with fractional seconds. Can someone help me out to confirm the feasibility of this option ? If not directly feasible, do we have any workaround ? Thank You. Regards, Chengaiah
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Hi, You could add additional String attribute. And on save of object, you could call Java action to get the System.nanoTime(), set it on the attribute and save the object.

Mendix does not support nanoseconds out of the box yet.


All the dates are stored in the database with three digits after the seconds. So only milliseconds are supported. Nanoseconds not. You could of course use a string to store it that way but it depends a bit what you want to do with it.