Migrating Data with DeepClone

Hello, I’d like to migrate data from an entity with many associations to and from *-1 …. 1-1 … *-* To a new entity. This entity is not identical. It has some shared attribute names and types, with some new additional attributes as well. One association *-* is not being retained, though information from this entity will be used to populate one of the new attributes (string). I need to update the associated object references to point to the new entity. The documentation on DeepClone in community commons is pretty lacking with detailed documentation.  So to someone who has worked with DeepClone in the past, can you please explain how I achieve the above using DeepClone and its settings and any limitations. Also, if there is an alternative route I should maybe go about, I’m open to ideas.
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Why not simply retrieve the data and create the new entity with the create action an set the associations as needed.

THis will give you all the control you need. The deepclone action will create a copy of the same record along with the associations, what is not what you seem to need.