No odd numbers in AutoNumber attribute

Hi, I noticed that the autonumbering of my attributes only have even numbers lately. From way back they have a running order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, …. Now it is 2244, 2246, 2248, 2250. What kind of setting may I have changed and how do I get it back?   Kind regards Johan
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Hi Johan,

The numbers are generated on create of the object, but only stored when committed.

They are guaranteed to be unique, but not sequential (with gaps). This could be trouble some for auditing purpose.

  • Check your error log, if there are any error, preventing items being committed. (rollbacks)
  • Or are there flows, that do not commit? 
  • Do you create to objects, but only use commit one
  • Can users abort before a commit?


If you want to have guaranteed unique and sequential number, you have generate it on commit, though this can be tricky too.




Just a guess: Might be related to native offline? Not sure, though I can imagine that the odd numbers are reserved for offline created objects?



Hi Johan,


did you find an answer to this issue?

I may have the same problem, just with a different offset (in my case usually 33 or multitudes of this).


Best regards,