Output Non Persistable Database

Hello to all, in my project I shall link three linked databases and output the entries for the logged in user. Therefore all values are stored in one entity, which is persistable. The problem is, that every time the user starts the Sort Microflow, more objects are created in the entity.  To my question: So is it possible to create a non persistable entity where multiple objects can be output? or  Is there another way to output different objects?   In advance already once thanks for answering! - Pascal      
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Yes, you can accomplish this with either persistable or non-persistable entities.

  • for persistable entity, in the microflow that populates this entity, retrieve the existing records and delete them before populating the entity.  This will ensure that you always have an up to date set of records
  • for non-persistable entity, create a helper entity to associate these records to so that when you populate the records, you retrieve them via the association to the helper entity.

Hope this helps,