Problem with creating an object with different associations

Hi all, I have a problem to setup a new contract. This is my domain model (the one I’ve attached to this post is a simple version of it, but it concerns the necessary entities). I want to set up a contract and link a tenant, an apartment and a building to it. (One tenant should be able to have multiple contracts and one contract should be able to have multiple apartments) To setup a new contract, I have the Contract_NewEdit page. On this page you should be able to first pick a building before you choose an apartment. Because, for example, if there are a 100 buildings with each a 100 apartments, there would be too much options otherwise. Can someone help me with this Contract_NewEdit page? Thanks in advance.
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You need an association between the contract and the building to select the building and the current association between the contact and apartment is wrongly defined


On the selector of the Apartment you can add a “constraint by” which will limit the apartments which have a association to the selected building.

In the properties of the reference selector for the apartment. Set source to XPath and check-in the path available in constrained by