Data Analysis - Counting entries with specific attribute values

Hi Mendix Community! I am developing an app and starting to add some data analysis capabilities. I am wondering if there is any widget, page, view or anything else to help display a count of how many created entries (of one single entity) have one specific attribute value. I am scared to create another attribute counter since there are multiple attribute values of which I wish to be able to display a count. Maybe this is addition, can you recommend any learning courses in Mendix for data analysis? Thanks in advance! Alex
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I would create non persistent entities for those counts. Just create a microflow that creates that non persistent object and does the counting. You can do XPath retrieves and then a count list functionality for the calculations. Then show this object where you want. Other option would be to create OData services and use a tool like Microsoft BI to do the analysis part. 

And in the academy you can filter on role. There is one for the analyst role. That might fit your purpose.