ID column on Mendix Tables in Oracle

I am working on migrating our existing data into an Oracle database. Mendix creates an ID column for each entity as its primary key. I tried to load a data into the table and used an Oracle sequence for the ID column that starts at 1 and increments it by 1. Mendix is complaining that ID column cannot be zero when trying to access the record in a form. ID column created by Mendix is NUMBER (20) and it looks like it uses GUID to get the number. Question: Can I used an Oracle sequence that starts with a lowest 20 digit number and increment it by 1 as a value for the ID column? If an Oracle sequence if possible, is there a recommended increment for the sequence to get the next number? What is the risk that a number generated using Oracle sequence is the same number that Mendix GUID will generate on its succeeding records?   Thanks, Rommel
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Use the database connector to import the data from the oracle DB into the Mendix app/DB, Then Mendix will take care of the ID generation and joining tables. Don't try to manage that your self


See my answer on how the Mendix ID is being constructed. I see two problems: 

  1. The first part of the ID represents the Entity Type, hence can’t be just set;
  2. The second part is a sequence hence can definitely overlap with your Oracle sequence.

Not sure what you really are trying to achieve but Mendix can actually migrate from one database type (say MS SQL) to another (Oracle)? See: