Best Ways to display a Count

Hi Mendix Community, I am in the process of displaying some data on my app for analysis by end users.  The use case: I have a scheduling app with events automatically input on the app. The events can either be ‘reserved’ or stay ‘unreserved’. I’ve successfully created a microflow to count lists and create non-persistable objects that has attributes for the type of webinar (one for reserved, one for unreserved) and the count. I’ve also successfully created a pie chart with this data, using green and red as the displayed colors on the chart for the reserved/unreserved webinars. I’ve got a few questions moving forward: Is it possible to display the number/count of objects which belong to the reserved and unreserved objects? Right now, I can only display the percentage of the total in the pie chart, but having the pie chart display the number out of the overall total number of events instead of simply the percentage would be helpful. If not...I’m also trying to create a bar chart (and have successfully), but for the bar chart I can only have the two bars be the same there a way to make the colors of the bars different (even though the two bars are in one series)? I tried making two series, but that would include either xpath constraints, or using a database as the data source...both of which I’ve been unable to successfully implement with the non-persistable data   I attached a image of my microflow for the non-persistable entity as well. Thanks in advance for any and all help:)  
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Hi Alex,

Please check this forum question, because i posted an answer to display the exact count in pie chart. Please see my answer in the below forum question