Field Not Appearing in Data Grid

I have a relationship between Entities Shipping * → (1) Orderline I am trying to create a data grid where the value of total ordered pallets are pulled from orderline and displayed in the datagrid with Shipping.  The columns in shipping would be Order|Part#|LotCode|LotCodeQty|TotalPallets The table is created by over association ‘Shipping_Order’  My question is why the TotalPallets value is not appearing even though all other details are, is there anyway I can pull in this value from orderline some other way?   
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The first 2 possibilities that come to mind are:

  • The Shipping Objects are not associated to an Orderline object
  • There is a permissions issue that is preventing that attribute from being displayed (I don’t think this is it because Studio Pro would probably throw an error if this were the case)

Have you confirmed that your are viewing Shipping objects with an association to Orderlines?