User data not shared between Mendix Studio and Studio Pro?

Hi, I developed an app using Mendix Studio (LearnNow Training Management), added some data like course, location, teacher, trainee, training schedules etc I opened the app in Mendix Studio Pro, tried option – Run Locally – and noticed that I do not see any data that I created when I ran the app from Mendix Studio. I also tried using the “Run” option from Studio Pro but did not see the data.  Do Mendix Studio and Pro use different databases? Mendix studio-Pro – Run option- runs the application in cloud env, shouldn’t it use the same DB as Mendix Studio?  Thanks.
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Studio uses a database hosted in the cloud.  Studio Pro uses a database on your local machine.  They are different databases.  If you want to, you can download the database from the cloud to use on your local machine.  Directions to do that can be found here:

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