Enter a Name and retrieve only that record

Anyone know how I can just enter a value in a Mendix app, say a name and then only return that record. Seems like a simple concept but I am stumped. In other words, I would like to have a naked textbox, enter a name and have it pull that record from a Customer table. Any help is greatly appreciated. Happy holicdays!
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I would solve it quickly in this way;

  1. Create a NP entity Search in your domainmodel, with a single string attribute Value
  2. Create a dataview with data source microflow, which creates an object of Search and returns it to the dataview.
  3. Add a text box to the dataview & connect it to attribute Value
  4. Add a microflow button in the dataview 
  5. Create microflow with input parameter of
    1. type > object
    2. Entity > Search
  6. Add a retrieve activity
    1. Source > Database
    2. Entity > whatever entity you want to query
    3. Range > First
    4. Xpath [Name = $Search/Value]
  7. Do whatever you want to do with the retrieved object


Before asking: No this cannot be solved w/o a object out of the box.


Doesn’t return searched record



Maybeyou could consider using a List View and download the List View control widgets from the AppStore. I guess that will do the job.