what is the best approach to migrate data from non medix sql server db to Mendix postgreSQL DB

we are going to migrate our data from SQL server DB based legacy system (non Mendix) to PostgreSQL based Mendix system. so here tables are already available and we need to keep same name of the tables in our new postgreSQL based DB for Mendix. we can do it by normal data migration, but in that case how it will be compatible with Mendix. Because if we create any entity in Mendix it will create table in PostgreSQL automatically once we deploy our App but the table name generate by Mendix only. but in our case we need to use migrated table name. We are struggling to do it. Please let me know the approach/process to do it.   Thanks Anish
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To migrate the data into your mendix app you can use the database migration module from the appstore: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/160

Not sure why you would need the database tablenames to be exactly as they are in they old database, but this is not possible as the tables will be generated and named as module$entity in the Mendix database. From the Mendix model you would be able to expose the data though without the need of the names being equal to the current names, I think.