OQL over associations

Hi guys, I’ve googled this but haven’t found an answer. Maybe I’m not looking well enough, but I hope someone here can point me in the right direction. In our application we use OQL statements to create lists. I’m trying to extend these statements with checking something over 2 associations. I can’t get my OQL to work. I’m fine with adding checks on the main entity, or even one association deep. See my (obviously simplified) example. I am trying to validate a timestamp in the main entity (“A” in the example), I have an umbrella entity associated to it (“B”), which is in turn associated to the entity I want to add another check for (“C”). Example of what I tried so far;   SELECT * FROM Example.A WHERE Timestamp > 1611084995250 OR Timestamp = NULL AND Example.A_B != NULL   Last line was to prove to myself that I can get 1 association deep. From here on out, I need to reach association B_C, or be able to check the timestamp in C more directly. Thanks in advance!
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Try something like this:

SELECT * FROM Example.A a
join a/Example.A_B/B b
join b/Example.B_C/B c
WHERE a/Timestamp > 1611084995250 OR a/Timestamp = NULL
AND c/Timestamp > 1231231231234

and use the playground www.mydemoversion8-sandbox.mxapps.io/p/OQL