Display Attributes from 2 Different Entities on the Same Page

I’m trying to figure out how I can display attributes from 2 different entities on the same page – I get the error:    Attribute 'MyFirstModule.Task.Due_Date_Task' is not an attribute of entity 'MyFirstModule.Subtasks'. I have set up my domain with the following 3 entities as part of my project management application:    Projects Tasks Subtasks    I cannot however allow tasks to display as a list view in projects page and subtasks to display as a listview in either projects or tasks page because they are all separate entities. Should I just make them all one entity under “Project” and the Task and Subtask as attributes within the project entity? 
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If the page does show a grid with your projects you can create a dataview that listens to the selected project. In that dataview you not only can show details of that project put you can also put another datagrid inside that retrieves the Tasks of that project over the reference. And you can do the same again to display the subtask by again a dataview that listens to the Tasks grid etc.

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