Not able to trigger BDe via Session delete with a custom timeoutsession (locally)

Hi I’ve a DM with Session 1-* Helper. When session is deleted the helper should be deleted too. BUT I’ve added a Before Delete event handler on the Helper object to execute some action. In order to replicate this usecase I thought on reducing sessiontimeout by configuring extra JVM parameters but this seems not to work. I am not sure about the JVM parameters; -DSessionTimeout=1000 -DClusterManagerActionInterval=1000 The remaining security regarding BDe MF and access rules seems okay to me, user has access and at least read rights (which are even not needed I’d expect since it is done on a non-user system context).   What do I miss? PS: Mx version 8.17.0
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If the helper objects need to be removed when the session object is deleted could you not create the helper objects as non persistant entities. THese would be garbage collected automatically when the session is no longer available.