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Hi all, I have an Entity(A) that takes many attribute from other Entity(B-C-D). (many to one)  With a microflow I create an Object A filled with attributes coming from B,C and D. Now I would like to create a calculation over the Entity A list view that gives as output a sum of all similar attribute:  Example: Mendix (String) – 1 (number) –  France(String) Mendix (String) - 5 (number) – Italy(String) Mendix (String) – 7 (number) – France (String) OUTPUT  Mendix (String) – 8 (number) – France(String) Mendix (String) – 5 (number) – Italy (String)   Thanks for help!   Ale  
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Hello Alessandro,


I think there are several ways to try this.


  1. You could create a DataSource-microflow for your listview, in which you calculate your values (So the value you create should be an attrbiute too).
  2. Not sure, but you could set an attribute in the domainmodel, as a calculated attribute. That would be another way, or
  3. you could try it with an eventHandler, that calculates automatically when (for example) you commit the (new) object.


Not sure what the best practice is, and if all would work, but at least something you can try.


Good Luck, in case of any question, drop me a line




This is an extention of a mendix Learning Path that I can take an example:

Domain model

What I want to obtain is a new list view of the entity “PUNTI” where the attribute “somma punti” is the sum of all the “Punteggio” for each Entity “TEAM” that is inside a one “TORNEO”. This in order to make a Ranking of Teams that play a TORNEO where with a push botton I give a point.

In Brief i looking for a Microflow for Nerst List View inside a Torneo Data View that can have a result PUNTI (TEAM, Sum”Punteggio”)


Hope this could clarify.